Fordyce TV Recap: Jon Bartos

Jon Bartos joined the line-up of presenters on Fordyce TV, sharing the truths about the talent market and why your clients need you now — more than ever before. During his show, he offered an in-depth understanding of the talent market from our founding fathers of talent differentiation — Jack Welch, Brad Smart, and Peter Drucker.

In addition, he answered a variety of viewer questions after his presentation. Click the TV box below to watch the replay and hear Jon’s fantastic and vibrant responses to the following queries:

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  • What social media do the A players use?
  • How do we get A players attracted to work for the government?
  • What do you do when you submit candidates to a client and they reject them but are then in their database (possibly for use later)?
  • How is one supposed to position themselves as a retained search firm while presenting MPCs?
  • How do you delegate your desk with researchers and assistants? Where do you spend the bulk of your time?

The Talent Game

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  1. Jon it’s good to see you addressing the real issues around talent. The game is much bigger than recruiting and we can all cash flow around the whole picture all day long. The key is that our recruiters MUST not just talk to the talk, they need to walk the walk and get inside the heads of these CEOs and their thoughts and actions on and around talent.

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