Fordyce TV: Territory Management and Laser Prospecting

UPDATE: Here is the video recap of Neil’s latest episode about cold calling and territory management. Enjoy!

Although cold-calling and territory management remain popular topics, the real reason one feels the need to “manage” their territory is because, well, the territory is too big!

When you have too much to focus on, the end result is that little gets done with any one prospect, according to Neil Lebovits, who returns to Fordyce TV on Tuesday, December 8. In his next live appearance, he will cover one of his best-kept secrets.

“Dare I say, the concept might be the most responsible for landing me on the global executive team of the world’s largest staffing firm,” he says.

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“Once I learned and mastered this, I was not only able to ‘kill it’ on my desk, but I enabled countless recruiters and sales reps to literally double their business,” he adds.

Join us at 2pm Eastern this coming Tuesday to hear Neil’s secrets to landing the big accounts and to landing even more in 2010. Right at 2pm, log on to and click the small TV box to enjoy the show.

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