Forecasting Your Staffing Needs for the Near Future

Guest Post By Jim McGrath, The EMAC Group 

As the president of my recruiting firm, I see many human resources professionals needing to fill a vacant position spending hour after hour looking on sites like and, hunting and pecking for that elusive needle in a haystack. 

While that can be rewarding and inexpensive, it certainly does require much more time and effort, as well as a good neck and back massage. More importantly it takes away from administering benefits and nurturing and developing current employees. 

Today, you might be able to spare the time and costs of doing this work yourself.  In the very near future, however, the market is changing with baby boomers retiring, which started in 2005, is predicted to peak in 2011, and slowing sometime around 2020. 

What this will affect:

        More positions to fill, especially highly trained, skilled and knowledgeable human capital;

        Higher turnover as employees leave for other opportunities that were not available before;

        Your company’s ability to grow, increase earnings and sales, and push quickly into new market opportunities. 

“…nearly one-in-five employers report it typically takes them two months or longer to fill their open positions and 40 percent say they currently have open positions for which they can’t find qualified candidates.”’s “2008 Job Forecast,” conducted by Harris Interactive 

Consider this: with the increased vacant positions and employees hopping around, what will you have to do to keep your current employees happy? You time is going to be spent on attracting and retaining strategies, additional perks programs, increased paperwork, training…you name it. 

The time to plan is now. 

If you don’t already have a great relationship with at least one recruiting company you can trust, it’s time to start researching. Your recruiting and staffing partner can not only take those worries off your plate, but since this is their area of expertise, they are your best resource for knowing people in your industry, looking for a new opportunity. The saying goes, “The best jobs are often unadvertised.” That holds true for the best potential candidates too. 

Plan on an appropriate budget for your needs by talking to your recruiting and staffing partner who can help you make a decision based on their costs, your company strategies and determine the big picture. Working with a recruiting and staffing partner doesn’t have to cost a fortune if planned in advance and the relationship is a good reliable one. 

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Lastly, try looking at smaller, niche job boards that have pre-screened candidates in your industry. Chances are, it will take much less time to get interviews in the hopper than searching endlessly through those well-known but time-consuming behemoths. You can spend more time at the masseuse for your enjoyment, rather than working out the kinks. 


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