Freak Out?

Maureen senses a freak out. Are you seeing jobs slashed and recruiting department cuts? And: is the media sensationalizing and overblowing the problem?

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3 Comments on “Freak Out?

  1. From my point of view, it’s media sensationalization. In my world (nuclear nonproliferation and alternative energy researcy) the talent war is in full boom. We have hundreds of jobs open. However, I imagine if you’re a finance recruiter at Washington Mutual or Wachovia, things may be different.

  2. There is plenty of cause for concern, though I think the level of concern is a matter of perspective, or lack thereof.

    If I were still dirctly in the financial services industry, my level of concern would be quite high though I would certainly not be freaking out. It’s not my nature to freak out, unless, of course, you have me sitting in stalled traffic but that is another topic.

    To believe that the economic situation will not impact you or your business if you are NOT in the financial services arena is at best naive, at worst ignorant. Yes, that is an inflammatory word but the definition is relevant here.

    This does create opportunities for us to provide better consultation to our clients and stakeholders. If we fail to do so, then we should be freaking out.

    As to the question on the media sensationalization – there is no doubt. The media thrives on spinning everything up to a higher level then is necessary because they have to grab your attention. Interestingly, I think the sensationalization works in our best interest this time.

    We finally have people reaching out to their elected representatives and communicating what we need or want. If only we would do so when we weren’t cajoled into fear and, for some, freak out mode.

  3. There is a “freak out” currently wreaking havoc on talent acquisition groups country wide. Is that what we have become in the recruiting industry? Do we sit back in fear for things to happen? This is the time to charge ahead my friends. Those critical recquisitions will still be there whether or not the HOUSE can figure out the difference between their elbows and their you-know-what-holes.

    The war for talent is always being waged. If you cut and run (ok, not the best cliche to use right now), then you are guaranteed to lose. Sit back, wait for something to happen, hope for the best. The truth is now more than ever you need to be more aggressive in your search. Move forward, make something happen, expect the best. In a down economy it time to change, create, and be innovative.

    If you are one of those cowering in fear, maybe you budget should be cut, the fluff eliminated from the staffing (HR) department.

    Let’s push on! The quicker and more efficiently you fill those posiitons, the less likely you are to be seen a cost center by those line of business heads depending on you to get them top talent.

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