Free Job Board Launches Offering Online Interviewing

A new job board launched a few days ago, providing evidence that entrepreneurs aren’t intimated by the worsening recession and that they’re still struggling with Web 2.0 forms.

InovaHire is the latest offering in the crowded job board market. It’s a traditional job board except that job postings and employer profiles are free. The company generates revenue on a pay-per-view basis for display ads and links back to advertiser websites. For now these reside in two resource centers: one for candidates that offers things like resume writing and office supplies, and one for employers offering drug testing services and office furniture.

There’s also the usual employer profile enhanced with a clever Amazon-like feature that shows job-seekers what other sites people who visited that employer also viewed. That works both ways. Employers searching candidate profiles get to see who else other employers looked at.

What sets InovaHire apart is a sort of Instant Interview request. When you come across a candidate interesting enough to talk to, InovaHire enables you to contact them and schedule an online interview. Both of you need to have a microphone and webcam, but these are so ubiquitous — and so cheap — that it’s almost a non-issue. Of course there are other online interview solutions out there, but InovaHire’s solution is free and doesn’t require anything special in the way of software or connections.

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In other ways, InovaHire is fairly standard, perhaps a touch dated. Resumes have to be entered manually in the fields the company provides. Jobseekers must provide a date of birth, but are told it won’t be displayed, so we have to assume it will eventually be used to target ads based on demos.

Founders Eric Schifone and Tanya Willette hail from New England, in the Boston area. Schifone has experience in high tech recruiting, while Willette, recently out of Southern New Hampshire University, has been working as an independent consultant to small firms for several years.

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