Free Job Matching Launches Monday For Employers and Seekers

A U.S. recovery job site launches Monday, backed by an impressive array of Fortune 500 companies.

What makes (password protected until Monday) different from the other job services that have popped up since the recession began last year is that this one is free to employers and job seekers. And it uses the matching power of QuietAgent to automate the finding of jobs and candidates for seekers and recruiters.

And with the likes of AT&T, ADP, Allstate, Hewitt Associates, Hyatt Hotels & Resorts, Office Depot, Sears Holdings, 7-Eleven, and Starbucks involved, has real jobs available.

Other services, of course, offer lots of jobs for seekers to search, while all the major job boards let recruiters set automatic resume searches. But with Quiet Agent there’s no actual searching. Job seekers spend a few minutes filling in some details about themselves and their career interests, upload a resume, and then go about other business while Quiet Agent technology looks for matches.

Jason Kerr, CEO of Quiet Agent, says UnitedWeWork will simplify the task of sourcing candidates for recruiters and searching job listings for seekers. Because the service is free, Kerr expects to especially attract the smaller employer.

The sponsor companies are all members of AllianceQ, the network launched by QuietAgent last year that enables them to pool resumes and refer their unsuccessful candidates to jobs with other AllianceQ members. (It’s a little more involved than that. BusinessWeek has the details.)

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Besides doing good, UnitedWeWork is a way to built the QuietAgent candidate database. As the number of resumes grows, the matches improve for recruiters who use the service or are members of AllianceQ.

“It’s all about volume,” says Kerr, explaining that the more job seekers who participate in UnitedWeWork or submit a resume on the QuietAgent site, the more likely matches will be made and people will be hired.

Candidates who submit resumes on UnitedWeWork, but don’t want to go into the QuietAgent database, can simply delete their resume and profile when they find a job or at the end of the year when UnitedWeWork starts charging. It will remain free for employers with fewer than 100 workers.

Details on how to participate can be found here. The site won’t be publicly available until Monday. Search firms and agencies can’t participate.

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  1. Hi John, thanks for the nice story, and doing your part to help get America back to work.

    The web address is wrong in the story, it is – its a .ORG site not a .CO website – United We Work is a community program.

    Albert, the site goes live on Monday, enjoy then!


    Jason Kerr

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