Friends with (Career) Benefits: Who You Know Still Matters

New research conducted by Classified Intelligence (in conjunction with ERE Media), shows that who you know still matters when you’re trying to land a new job.

The second annual survey of more than 170 recruitment managers shows that having a friend on the inside, or someone to vouch for you and pull some strings, is still a powerful way to get hired.


According to the 103-page Classified Intelligence report, “Recruitment Advertising: Moving in New Directions,” 75% of hiring executives rank employee referrals as “effective” or “very effective”. In fact, having a friend on the inside scored a four on a 1-to-5 effectiveness scale, up slightly from 2006. Of interest, half of hiring executives plan to increase spending for referral programs in 2008.

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Recruitment managers seem to agree that the major players — Monster, CareerBuilder, and HotJobs – are less effective than referrals. The “big three” websites scored an aggregate 3.2 on the five-point effectiveness scale.

Niche job boards scored slightly higher in effectiveness, at 3.4. But local niche boards rated lower, at 2.5. The least-effective recruiting methods? Print advertising and diversity websites, which both scored 2.2 — or “not very effective.”

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