Fun Friday: Interviews Gone Wrong

Anyone who’s been around this business long enough has some really great stories to share about candidates who had…shall we say, interesting…interviews with clients. For example:

  • A candidate was posed the question, “When your workload is heavy and you are overwhelmed, how do you handle the stress?” Her response: “I run in the bathroom and cry.”
  • A candidate threw up on the interviewer’s desk and then immediately started asking questions about the job, like nothing had happened.
  • An over-the-top enthusiastic candidate for a copywriting position high-fived someone on the hiring manager’s team after hearing that the team member just got engaged. He talked about how terrible his boss was for a good 20 minutes. He said he felt like he was already working with them. And then he left something behind so that he could come back and get it. He called wondering when he could come back, and they observed him prepping in the parking lot.
  • A candiate for a highly visible administrative assistant position was asked, “What is it that attracts you to this job the most?’ Without hesitation, she replied, “My mother thinks this will be the right job for me.”
  • A recruiting agency owner had a candidate in the final interview stages. He pretty much had the job. He was invited to interview with a couple of people who would become peers as last step in the process. One would-be peer asked the candidate to demonstrate to them his work ethic and drive, to which he replied, “You can just strap a saddle on my a** and ride me!” Apparently, he was hoping to show what a workhorse he is.

Of course, we all like to believe that these types of situations would never happen with our candidates because we thoroughly prep them on interview etiquette and any possible questions they may be asked. Nevertheless – they do happen from time to time!

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Do you have a crazy story of an interview gone wrong? Share it in the comments below!

Amybeth Quinn began her career in sourcing working within the agency world as an Internet Researcher. Since 2002, she has worked in both agency and corporate sourcing and recruiting roles as both individual contributor and manager, and also served previously as the editor of The Fordyce Letter, and, with ERE Media. These days she's working on some super cool market intelligence and data analytics projects. You can connect with her on Twitter at @researchgoddess.


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