Gay Cop: ‘Believe It or Not, We Exist’

Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 2.22.47 PMIn a new recruiting video below, a self-described “30-year-old white guy” tells you why he’s diverse: he’s a gay policeman in Texas.

Chris says that being a gay detective in Ft. Worth isn’t the big deal it used to be. And, he says, he hasn’t had a single problem at work.

The one officer he knew of who had a problem, according to Chris, used his orientation as more of an excuse, blaming his failures on what he perceived as discrimination.

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I bring all that up to make the point that although one website has criticized the Ft. Worth video, it appears to be honest, authentic — even a little endearingly choppy and rough around the edges. (Remember how polished that other recent Texas police video, from Midland, was?)

It’s about four minutes, below.


2 Comments on “Gay Cop: ‘Believe It or Not, We Exist’

  1. It’s a start. Let’s see how long it’s no longer a big deal to be a gay cop (or gay “anything”) in Muleshoe, Texas, or Provo, Utah, or Portales, New Mexico…
    Keith “Guess Where I’m From?” Halperin

  2. Interesting use of stereotypic examples of other forms of diversity in this video. Also, interesting how he discusses how it may be advantageous to have people accept your work before they know about your differences and the way he offered that in contrast to the experience with the person who was openly gay on the force. These wouldn’t make me feel like I could “bring my whole self” to work with this force.

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