Getting Engaged in Macedonia

Young employees are less “engaged” than older employees, and Macedonian, French, Turkish, Mexican, and American workers are far more engaged than Hungarian, Czech, Serbian, and Portuguese employees.

That’s the upshot from a new survey of 30,000 employees in 29 countries, done by GfK Custom Research. An international team of employee engagement experts designed the survey, defining that often-abstract word “engagement” as employees’ identification with their company’s success, dedication, and willingness to stay with their employer.

Also from the survey:

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  • Internationally, 58 percent of young workers are actively looking for a job, or will be in the next six months. Forty-one percent are willing to emigrate to find new employment.
  • In the U.S., 72 percent of young employees are actively looking for a job, or will be in the next six months. Fifty-nine percent would consider changing their career.
  • Internationally, 36% of young employees have been forced to accept a job they were unhappy with. The same goes for 42 percent of U.S. employees.

Here’s a look (click to enlarge) at what’s most troubling to employees, internationally as well as just in the U.S.


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