Glassdoor Selling Employer Pages

Glassdoor, thus far known as a place for job-seekers to see what salaries people are earning and to read reviews of employers, is launching a service for employers.

The profiles start at around $495 for companies with 5,000 employees or less, with discounts for companies that commit to 12 months. Bigger companies usually pay $795/month, but a few with super high traffic will pay more. Fourteen companies, including the Cleveland Clinic, Orbitz, Microsoft, AT&T, Geico, Adobe, and Ernst & Young, are signed on, at a discount to start. They’ll have pages on Glassdoor with a “why-work-for-us” section, a listing of best-places-to-work awards, a feed of open jobs, and a feed of the company’s Facebook and Twitter updates.

Also, companies that pay get an analytics page showing such things as what other companies the candidates who visited their page also visited, as well as what cities they’re located in. So Adobe’s analytics page hypothetically might show that its applicants are also visiting Microsoft, Cisco, and Intel’s pages, and that they’re most often located in San Francisco, San Jose, and Austin.

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Glassdoor says it has two to three million visitors per month, and is growing 15-20% monthly. Half the users have zero to five years’ experience.


5 Comments on “Glassdoor Selling Employer Pages

  1. Good move by Glassdoor. I really love this site. We are moving to a very transparent society…and this just shows how far we have gone already.

    So many companies are probably freaking out over these kinds of sites and services, but I think we should embrace it.

    * You can have posts by current employees…show this site to our employees and ask them to participate.
    * People can post about their interviews…perhaps we should tell our applicants about it and have them fill out there review there. HR/Recruiters watching for poor feedback and then responding.

    Start slow…a test…but this could be a great asset. A full documentary about how great you are. If you suck…of course you don’t want to do this.

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