Glassdoor’s Talent Hack

Glassdoor’s HR team is using a very interesting tactic to attract talent.

Specifically, it is using their Robots.txt file to communicate with potential employees.

If you don’t know, a robots.txt file helps “robots” like Google’s web crawler to understand the structure of a website. It is definitely not designed for humans, and that’s the entire point.

Their page basically says: hey — if you’re a human and you’re here, that means you’re curious, and we want to talk to you! Send us an email.

It’s a pretty interesting easter egg that allows it to get in front of a very relevant audience in a unique way that SEOs aren’t used to being approached in.

What tactics are you using to communicate with talent as they go through their everyday lives?

Phil Strazzulla is the CEO of NextWave Hire, a recruitment marketing software company.  NextWave Hire powers talent communities, enhances your career site, creates employer branding content, and spreads the word on social about your talent brand. He was an early stage investor at Bessemer Venture Partners before getting his MBA at Harvard Business School where he founded NextWave Hire.


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