Go (Mid)West, Young Man

Job-seekers who don’t like the rain coming this week in Sunnyvale, California, may want to check out … Michigan, where it’s sunny and around 60 Farenheit today.

A group of Detroit businesses are encouraging Silicon Valley-ites like laid-off Yahoo employees to take a look at the Motor City. Quicken Loans, Detroit Venture Partners, Rockbridge Growth Equity, and Fathead.com are among the companies involved in the move-to-Michigan push, which includes efforts to spread the word on social media like Google+ as well as a special website for job-seekers to upload resumes.

Meanwhile, Twitter is opening up a Detroit office, apparently “to be closer to automakers” and to be part of the city’s comeback.

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Cities part of the Valley-to-Detroit effort are hoping to meet candidates in Palo Alto in May, and then have their favorites come to Detroit to show them around.


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  1. Thanks, Todd. I was telling my wife this and saying that the recruiters would be telling the flown-in candidates: “In appreciation for your time, we’ve decided to give each of you a small token of our gratitude- a nice, well-kept 3 bedroom home hear in Detroit.”



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