Great Producer, Poor Manager Now What?

Dear Barb:

I promoted my top producer to a management role in my company and he’s not working out. He doesn’t want to mentor, train or provide assistance, yet he loves getting a 5% override on everyone under him. I can’t afford to lose his production which represents 35% of our total revenue. How do I demote, but retain him? I discussed this with you at the Fordyce Forum and you strongly suggested this would be a mistake. Why didn’t I listen to your advice?

Frank C.

Dallas, TX

Barb Responds

Dear Frank:

Most top producers are focused on money and their own production. In many instances they are too selfish to mentor or train, but accept the promotion because of the override.

I would sit down with this person and explain the mentoring and training that is currently needed for your team. Ask him to compile a detailed training and mentoring schedule for each person, pointing out where each person needs to improve. Share your goals for each of the people he supervises.

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When your top producer begins to react to the time commitment here, ask him if he’s enjoying the management responsibilities. Ask if there was a way for him to earn an additional 5% on his own production, would he prefer that to his current management role.

You then set up a graduated earning schedule for this top producer based on cash-in for the year. Over a certain level he receives an additional 2.5%, and if he attains truly high cash-in, you now pay an additional 5% until the end of the year. This type of graduated commission schedule all but guarantees record cash-in numbers for the month of December.

For the record, I’ve made this exact same mistake in my life, which is why I was trying to convince you not to make the same decision.

Barbara J. Bruno, CPC, CTS

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