Guess Who’s Going to Quit Sunday Afternoon?

Go Daddy teaserLast week, Roundup informed you of the “Quit Your Job” app from The Ladders. Who knew then that Go Daddy would up the ante just a week later?

Sunday, around 4:15 p.m. PST / 5:15 p.m. MST (you centralians and right coasters figure out the time yourselves), some gal (this is a Go Daddy production after all) will quit her job before a TV audience that will be somewhat north of 111 million. The teaser video is here.

Plenty of firings have taken place in public. Carly Fiorina was very publicly fired as CEO by the HP board. Some years later, Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz was fired by phone, a fact she then made public in a mass mailing to Yahoo’s thousands of employees. Last summer AOL’s chairman and CEO Tim Armstrong interrupted a 1,000 employee conference call to fire his creative director.

Quitting a job, on the other hand, isn’t often done in public, though lately, more and more of the disgruntled have taken to You Tube to announce their resignation.

Currently, the reigning leader is Marina Shifrin. Her resignation dance to Kanye West’s “Gore,” has been viewed about 17.4 million times. Not as many as will watch Ms. Whomever quit in the Go Daddy video, but then Shifrin didn’t spend the $4 million an hour the network is charging.

A Monster Robocall

Before I go settle into the Barcalounger eagerly anticipating the I Quit commercial (Oh, how I hope she works for Donald Trump),  I can only hope none of the robot stuff that’s been going around this week interferes with the show.

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Monster robocallERE contributor Raghav Singh wrote about robots taking over the world of recruiting in the next couple of decades. At one point he writes, “Marry that (automated sourcing) with telemarketing technology that can place calls and it leaves little for a recruiter to do.”

Who knew that in less than 24 hours Monster would prove him so prescient. Lexicographer and TED presenter Erin McKean tweeted she was robocalled by the job board. As it happens, on of her 6,000+ followers is Marc Cenedella, founder of The Ladders, who tweeted that he, too, had gotten a robo call.

At least it looks like the robots that decide who to call are sourcing top talent.

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