Helping Recruiters Get Back To Work

One of the toughest parts of this recession is of course the personal stories that I have heard over the past six months of recruiters losing their jobs and their businesses. Many of those have hit very close to home, as they have been people I have known throughout my time at ERE.

On the flip side, one of the best things to come out of this recession is the response from the community to help those people out. Things like Job Angels where volunteers personally look to help candidates connect with open positions one at a time, make you proud to be part of a profession that really cares about helping people out.

Even here at ERE, where our Editor Todd Raphael started a list of recruiters in the market, that has grown to over 100 people so far.

In that spirit, we are now opening up another one of the ERE resources to our community as a way to help recruiters find out about open posisitions. From now until August 1, we have lowered the price of a 30 day job posting on ERE’s Recruiting Job Board to just $25.

This is not a financial decision. The reason to lower the price from $200 to $25 is to make it low enough for anyone to post a job, however keep away the spammers who would take advantage of the situation if we made it free.

If your organization is looking to add to the team, there is no better place to post your job. And if you are looking for a job, make sure to keep track of the board as more positions are added.

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We have also opened up another distribution channel for ERE jobs: Twitter with the @recruiting_jobs handle, so if you are in the market, make sure you follow the jobs feed there.

Now, jobs posted on ERE will not only be integrated throughout the site on the homepage, in our daily email newsletter being read by over 35,000 recruiters each day, and the board itself — but Twitter as well.

So let’s all work together to help our peers who have fallen on hard luck get back to work, so we can do our part to help all of those out of work get back on their feet.

If you have a position available at your company, or know of one, make sure it gets posted to ERE’s Job Board for just $25 until August 1.

Scott is The Fordyce Letter's Marketing Director. Handling all communications to the recruiting community about our products and services, you have most likely heard from Scott at one point or another. Drop him a line or meet up with him at one of our upcoming events.


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