Hey Boss, You Gotta Accommodate My Midlife Crisis

Humanity’s nearest zoological relatives experience mid-life a lot like we do. Beginning about age 28, chimps and orangutans become less sociable, they get moody — we might call it depression — and they are less driven to achieve goals like mating or getting a difficult-to-reach toy.

“This suggests that it’s (your midlife crisis) completely normal, and that it’s apparently out of your control,” said the chief author of this ground-breaking study, behavioral economist Andrew Oswald, of England’s University of Warwick.

You know what this means? It’s ADA time baby!

That negative performance review you gave me when I turned 50 is a violation of my ADA rights. I have a medical condition that causes periodic bouts of depression and loss of drive. Now go accommodate me before I call a lawyer.

Call the Lawyers Over This Video

Now that we have that straight, here’s a Kixeye recruiting video that kicksa**. Oh, you know what those little asterisks represent. And if you don’t, then DO NOT watch the video. I would not want you to be offended by the language that comes out of the mouth of the little boy CEO.

What makes this recruiting video so, so, um, so much like driving past a highway accident is that you just want to stay with it to see what happens next. Breaking every rule of recruiting video development, online gaming firm Kixeye mocks its competitors by casting EA as a doddering old timer; Kabam is a colorless creator of dull; and, Zynga, well that potty-mouthed kid is supposed to be CEO Marc Pinkus.

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Doing stuff like that sort of does tempt your karma. There must have been a happy schadenfreude dance at the competitors when Kixeye had to publicly own up to accusations of racism within its ranks. And an even happier one a few days ago when Kixeye admitted that one of its key employees copied files when he left Zynga and used them in his job at Kixeye.

Ready to go to work for the San Francisco company? Kixeye is looking for a recruiting director. Here’s the link. And an HR director, too.

PS: You gotta at least take a look at the career site.

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