Hilton Launches New Global Jobs Site

hilton_logo2Hilton Worldwide’s new careers site, mobile optimized and months in the making, is aimed at the 90 countries the hotelier is operating in worldwide.

The site automatically displays content that matches the language your browser is using. It also has different doorways, so to speak, for different brands. I went to DoubleTree, clicked on DoubleTree jobs, and got a Hilton page geared toward DoubleTree.

Hilton also made a little video about the site (below).

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2 Comments on “Hilton Launches New Global Jobs Site

  1. A applaud their effort, yet wonder why the choice to leave the Diversity & Inclusion and Military career links out of the main focus of their career’s home page experience. Is that because the career site is international now, rather than just U.S. focused?

  2. Can we get a clearer definition of “mobile optimized”? I see it used so much but it means different things to different groups. I mean, it’s great that all these new career pages fit nicely on my smartphone, but if I can’t actually apply from my phone then I don’t know that “optimized” is the proper definition. I have a lot of friends that are doing everything from their mobile now, some don’t even have a desktop computer anymore. Seems were getting better at the mobile game, but still have a long way to go. Interested in other’s thoughts on this.

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