Hire Strategies Blog Battles The Appointment Magazine

After posting his opinions questioning the survivability of The Appointment magazine, Hire Strategies blogger Peter Gold received a letter from the publisher’s legal counsel.

The letter states that Gold’s written opinion “seriously undermines the magazine.” The legal counsel also asks Gold to correct the so-called incorrect statements within 48 hours.

Instead, Gold writes that his blog represents “a brave new world where bullies can no longer rely on legal threats and big deep pockets. And how you can have the audacity to threaten me with legal action for making derogatory comments makes me laugh and scares me not one bit. I will continue to write my blog and you can continue to send as many of your petty little letters as you choose; I have plenty of ammunition to fire back so bring it on.”

It’s an ongoing debate between the magazine and Gold.

In August, Gold wrote a blog entry that was critical of offline advertising. The entry also incorrectly noted that a full-page ad in The Appointment costs £7,500.

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The magazine’s publisher, Adam Tomkinson, responded on Gold’s blog that “a full page in The Appointment magazine costs £6,200 which, given its circulation and ability to reach a targeted passive audience that the Internet cannot reach, represents very excellent value.”

Gold continues to question the value of the advertisements and reach of candidates through the British careers magazine for retail, fashion, and hospitality.

“How dare I suggest that print advertising is shrinking and that online is taking over?” he comments in his latest blog entry.

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