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If you wish to choose a search engine based on popularity then HotBot,(owned by Lycos, could be your hot winner. In 1999, PC Magazine considered HotBot the ?Editor?s Choice,? C/Net called it the ?Best Search Engine on the Web,? and PC Computing granted its MVP Award to it. What?s all the hype about? Proponents praise HotBot for its accurate results. PC Magazine states, ?you can count on getting relevant returns because of its easy and powerful search features and its effective blending of Web, popularity, and directory results.? PC Magazine is referring to HotBot?s directory format and its use of Direct Hit as one of its two search engine databases. This means that a search with HotBot will yield matching subject headings from its directory as well as Web results from HotBot?s main database and the top ten results from Direct Hit. Like Google, Direct Hit ranks sites according to ?popularity,? yet unlike Google, Direct Hit takes a ?click? approach rather than a ?link? approach to determining this popularity ranking. In other words, Direct Hit reasons that the sites which people have ?clicked? on the most often are also those which are the most useful. The popularity approach may serve as a deterrent when you?re looking for candidates. HotBot offers two main search options: standard and advanced. Even the standard search provides a number of simple ways to narrow your query. You can restrict a search to any one of nine languages as well as by the date when the page was published. You can also look for pages that include all of the search terms, any of the search terms, an exact phrase, a title, a person?s name or a Boolean phrase. Another nice feature is HotBot?s ability to offer up to 100 results at a time, allowing you to continue scrolling down rather than frequently changing pages. HotBot offers even more advanced search options including the highly-praised ?Page Depth? feature which allows you to choose how far into the subdirectory you wish to look. You can also choose to narrow results to a specific location or domain, again an asset in finding certain types of candidates. HotBot?s directory is also a great place to get acquainted with special interest groups which may cater to the talent you are after. If you haven?t tried HotBot already, try it now. You?ll be sure to quickly warm to this popular search engine.

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