How Recruiters Use Twitter

Twitter: for some, it’s a great source of news. For others, a way to broadcast jobs. For still others, a quick n’ dirty way to comment, spread links, or have the proverbial “conversation.”

Jody Ordioni, who’ll be leading a session at the Expo in March, and I talk about Twitter — what we notice, what seems to work, and what seems to not. It’s a bit over six minutes, below.

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  1. Thanks for the chat Todd and Jodi! Being in the social recruiting software business, my colleagues and I also hear a lot of the uncertainties that you raised. We’ve tried to demystify Twitter’s usefulness for recruiting at least somewhat by looking at our user data. We’ve seen over 10,000 job applications come in through tweets over the last several months, which is a pretty strong indication that it’s a useful channel. Much to still be learned about exactly how it’s best used, however!

    If you’d like to see more of what we’ve learned, check out my blog post on the subject:

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