How Relevant Is Google To Your Search?

Ranked fourth in terms of database size, Google is one of the newer search engines, having officially launched on Sept. 21, 1999. As we have noted, a large database (in Google?s case — between 140 and 154 million pages) is a plus when searching for people, and thus, certainly makes this search engine worth checking out. Where Google has made its name, however, is in the area of relevancy ranking. Its ?advanced patent-pending technology? known as PageRank essentially finds pages containing your search term and then ranks these pages in regard to the number of links to them. The more popular pages are subsequently ranked near the top. The ability to yield prominent results quickly and eliminate the more obscure, makes Google a favorite with many. Fans also praise the convenient way in which Google groups results from the same site together. Others choose Google for its ease of use, uncluttered look, and its emphasis on remaining exactly what it was designed to be a search engine. In terms of popularity, Google generates a lot of buzz. Yet, just because something is well-liked doesn?t ensure its worth. No doubt there is good reason to like Google, and it may be among the best search engines to try for results on a general subject. However, when it comes to finding those hidden candidates, whom other recruiters have yet to reach, you may wish to turn elsewhere. After all, your objective is not really to locate people on popular sites with numerous links, where everyone else goes. On the other hand, the web pages of the passive candidates you seek, may not yield the link count necessary to rank high in Google?s relevancy weighting. Also, despite its proficiency in the area of relevancy, Google still has a ways to go in terms of expanding its search features. Still, advocates such as Bob Brand, in his article on Google for Internet Info for Real People, commend the search engine on its ability to pull up personal web pages, so you never know. Give Google a try for yourself and see where it takes you.

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