Finding Top Talent Today Requires a Shift in Thinking

It is now more important than ever to be able to effectively find top talent. While it may be tempting to start with a large pool of potential candidates and narrow them down, this method is hardly efficient and uses up valuable time. Join us for this free webinar as Ed Newman addresses this problem and offers effective talent acquisition solutions for the new year and beyond.

Beyond the Funnel Mentality — How a Shift in Thinking Will Transform the Way Companies Engage Quality Candidates.

Over the past two decades, companies have strived to become more efficient in the way they handle talent acquisition. Traditionally, that has meant reaching out to large numbers of candidates and sifting them through the largest funnel possible in the hopes of identifying a few top choices — but the funnel mentality has its limitations. The process is cumbersome, and it does not always yield the quality candidates an organization seeks. The good news is companies have many options for breaking out of the funnel mentality.

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Ed Newman
Ed Newman

In this session, Ed Newman provides insight on an approach to better understanding available talent; building networks; measuring, managing and improving those networks; and creating a talent acquisition culture that is focused on delivering known, high-quality candidates. This is a chance to learn about an approach that is practical, results-driven, and promises to transform the way companies drive talent acquisition in the future.

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Brendan is a production manager at ERE Media. While relatively new to the recruiting industry, he is always eager to learn more, especially how technology is changing the industry.


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