How to Get Started Tracking Stats

Dear Barb:

I saw you speak at ASA and felt like you were talking to me. I don’t know stats or ratios of anyone who works for me. I decided to change this when I returned to my office. My good intentions have fallen through the cracks. How do I force the issue to get my team to track their stats? They told me it is just too time consuming to track 100% of the calls and contacts they are making throughout the day. I don’t know how to counter their objection.

You made the statement, “What you don’t measure doesn’t count.” That statement resonated with me since I’m not measuring anything. Where do I start?

Evelyn W., Erie, PA

Dear Evelyn:

Your team must understand why it will benefit them, if you want them to track their numbers and stats. This will allow them to predict their income, it will also show them what results they need to achieve on a daily basis in order to eliminate slumps forever. If they want to be more successful, they will know exactly what it will take to produce and earn more. I would not have them track 100% of their calls. Start with some basic stats including:


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  • Send-out to placement
  • Presentation to sendout
  • Interview to presentation


  • Job Order|Contract or Assignment to fill
  • Submittal to interview

The most important stat to track is the sendout to placement. In order to book a sendout (my definition of a sendout is a candidate being interviewed – first interview – either in person or by phone) you need a viable order and strong candidate.

If you ask your team to track too many stats, they will soon lose interest so limit the stats you track. Once your team understands what results they need each day, it takes the mystery out of consistent production.

Barbara J. Bruno, CPC, CTS

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3 Comments on “How to Get Started Tracking Stats

  1. With all due respect, your people WONT do it, no matter how much you explain, as a manager there must be accountability, and and thats a 2 way street. As the manager it is YOUR responsibility to track their numbers and do the ratios, and have meetings with them to point out what they mean and areas of concern/and areas that need improvement. THATS PART OF YOUR JOB AS THE MANAGER. (In my humble opinion)

    1. Hey Larry – How do you do that as a manager? We have a spreadsheet that we use but if the recruiter doesn’t use it we don’t have the numbers.

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