Howard Adamsky, on Rage

Long time no Howard. If you’re wondering whatever happened to Howard Adamsky, author of some highly commented upon articles on this site, he has been toiling over a new book. (The writing took only 23 days but then he had to deal with those pesky editors.)

In the podcast below, he talks about his upcoming book, called “Employment Rage.”

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5 Comments on “Howard Adamsky, on Rage

  1. I’ve always enjoyed Howard’s passionate and conversational writing style. So if this book is a rant and manifesto for the common candidate, I’m putting in my pre-order on today. Congrats on the book Howard, and I hope you land lots of speaking engagements in the future. I think your topic has relevance for all, but specifically in the Veteran ranks where unemployment averages 18+%. If what you write can help Vets, it’s sorely needed.

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