HR Jobs, Searches on the Rise

Private industry job growth may have stalled last month, but HR jobs continued to grow.

New job trend numbers from show that human resource job listings grew 4 percent from April to May. For the month, Indeed counted 66,482 new listings for HR jobs of all types. Since May of last year, that’s a 36 percent increase.

At the same time, the number of searches for these jobs increased 53 percent in the year. And the number of clicks into HR jobs also jumped. Most frequently clicked on in May were HR jobs with the title of generalist, assistant, or manager. Recruiter titled jobs got almost 83,ooo clicks.

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“Human resources” was the category’s most frequently searched keyword, with 726,000 searches during the month. Add in the keyword variants such as “HR” and the search total bumps up to almost 900,000. “Recruiter” was second, with 111,000 searches. has similar data for a dozen other industry categories. Only job listings in the real estate sector showed a consistent decline for the year, the quarter, and the month. The biggest percentage growth in listings for the year was in transportation, at 65 percent. Manufacturing was second, with a 52 percent increase in listings. By far, healthcare has the most number of jobs advertised.

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1 Comment on “HR Jobs, Searches on the Rise

  1. “64 percent of the respondents say the problem is finding qualified candidates for the jobs.”

    “The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics put the unemployment rate for computer and math occupations (a category that includes actuaries and some other small groups) at 3.8 percent.”

    Hmmm. It seems that a company would be wise to see how many potential employees there are with the skill sets you need, and what you are prepared to pay/do to hire them.
    As example an example, a company should say: “We want the the 90th percentile of people, so we’ll PAY in the 90th percentile.”
    Conversely it could say: “We casn only pay in the 50th percentile, so we’ll go after the 50th percentile people”.
    As the saying goes:
    “To HIRE the best, you need to BE the best.”

    Also, it may be that there are more demands for certain skills than people who possess those skills at ANY price.
    So: MAKE DO WITHOUT! Didn’t your folks tell you you can’t have everything you want, no matter how much you want it?
    I think there are a lot of hiring managers whose folks didn’t tell them that. (More’s the pity….)


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