I Do NOT Want To Moonlight!

Let’s rant a bit. This is sort of related to Neil’s theme from last week. I think I understand WHY this happens but it is just so dumb and counter-productive. It seems like any time it gets harder to make placements that people in our industry make it even harder on themselves.

I keep getting inquiries, some even from colleagues, asking me if I want to “supplement my income” by offering my clients something other than what they are already paying me to do. This is SO counter-productive in SO many ways. We all need to be BETTER recruiters right now. We do not need to try to sell something we do not know. It makes us look stupid to our clients and it keeps us from doing what we know best. If you want to leave the business then DO…but go do ALL of whatever else you do.

This “noise” all reminds me of times in the summer when I am working under the garden tractor…it is very hot outside…sweat running in my eyes…one arm way under there where the blades are…trying to get a nut threaded onto a bolt (a surgeon would call me a butcher and a butcher would laugh at me…not very dextrous to begin with) and right when I need the MOST concentration I can feel a mosquito landing on my forehead and a fly buzzing in my ear.

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C’mon people…As Dr. Phil might say… Go take on the headset…

Dave Staats places top executives as well as implementation consultants with software companies. He also has made more placements in Artificial Intelligence than any other headhunter. His career began during the SDI (Star Wars) years and included placement of scientists in laser, stealth, and other high-tech fields. During a short hiatus from the recruiting industry in 1994 he obtained a Private Investigator's license which he keeps as a constant reminder that a headhunter is what he really is. Dave is on the Board of Directors of The Pinnacle Society and a founder of The Tennessee Recruiters Association. He has a BA from Western Illinois University. Dave also blogs at Truth, Justice & the American Way of Headhunting


2 Comments on “I Do NOT Want To Moonlight!

  1. Dave I completely agree (WOW!). I think the word that should be on everyone’s lips is…..FOCUS. To my thinking a split focus might be the best. Personally, I’m spending 75% of my time and energy working hard to make money (from recruiting) today.

    Since there aren’t that many searches, I have the opportunity to spend 25% of time and energy on things that will make my business bigger and easier (just like me – bigger and easier) once the economic climate gets better. Its difficult to work on those types of projects when times are good because everything is devoted to chasing demand (completing tons of searches). Other’s split focus mix may differ from mine and that’s okay but do keep an eye toward building for the future.

    That’s said Dave, it would be entertaining to hear about some of the wacky “moonlighting” opportunities you’re hearing about. C’mon spill.

    Tom Keoughan,

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