A Quick Sneak Peek at What eHarmony’s Up To

1a_JS_Homepage_PhotoAmidst all the startup talk it’s easy to forget the startup (well, sort of a startup, of course) we haven’t heard from in six months: eHarmony.

You might remember that the online dating site is working on a skill-personality-competency-culture matching tool, though software development and other delays have slowed the timeline a bit. A launch may be about a month out.

Anyhow, I got my hands on a few tiny screenshots of what eHarmony’s working on, if you want to take a look.

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Here's a look at a hiring company search results page.
Here’s a look at a hiring company search results page, above.
A compatibility profile page where a job seeker sees how compatible they are to a job.
A compatibility profile page where a job seeker sees how compatible they are to a job, above
A job seeker home page.
A job seeker home page, above.


4 Comments on “A Quick Sneak Peek at What eHarmony’s Up To

  1. Thank you sharing, Todd!

    Will be interesting to see how matching tool works considering the strong reviews they get on their dating site. Very intriguing to see a player from that scene apply their research and algorithms to a job functionality. Always good to have “outside” perspectives!

  2. I agree with Mike Vogel. I find this interesting. My worries are the repeatability of the tests, and the requirements for honesty on the part of the employers filling it out. A cultural match to what an employer thinks its culture is vs what it actually is could lead to an unacceptable failure rate. I’d love to see something like this succeed, but to be frank I’m always worried the developers aren’t taking into account the extremely delusional nature and major disconnect from reality suffered by many senior executives. I’m aware of one company who tried such a solution once, the owner of the place decided to insert himself to ‘guaranteed the quality of the process.’ He ended up telling the consulting company that the place was “entrepreneurial” and “fast paced,” and left out reality, which was that he and his sons got their rocks off screaming at people and demeaning them.

    These tools would be invaluable for many people and companies, all else equal, but the underlying realities that are driving disengagement and turnover in the corporate world are still not being dealt with, so they will only be able to do so much in the end.

    1. I agree to a large extent to what the medieval one said.

      IMHO, If any job matching pre-screening software is to work, it needs to be completely generated autonomously and in the complete control of the candidate/potential employee. corporations are not capable of, nor are they incentivised to consider the human condition.

      By the people, and for the people??

      The bottom line is that our wonderful country determined a long time ago that it was o.k. to sacrifice human (i.e. employee) livelihood for profits. And, it is rampant in almost every regulation governing a money making concern, anywhere you go.

      The only attempt to rectify this in favor of employees, or citizens in general, is in the form of “reactive” legislation/remedies aimed at offering a slight chance of retribution. (e.g. EEOC or class action)

      Success in any action against an employer is typically characterized by either remuneration for the plaintiff, fines paid to government, corporate or brand names losing goodwill in the marketplace, executives being publicly reprimanded, products losing sales, and/or the occasional additional regulations imposed following the outcome.

      The reality is that any negative consequences for corporations are typically short term. And, the winners in any employment dispute are Never the employees or the fair employment practitioners.

      Under the current system, people are lead to believe that it is virtually impossible for the majority of people to be satisfied, or find security working for someone else unless they become part of this machine, or opt out completely.

      Because the system was developed by, and for business, the rules will never change, no matter what is done to develop a “culture” that is touted to help the employee as long as the employer is the one to control the rules.

      Corporations justify policies aimed at making employee’s disposable with cry’s that they need to be competitive locally, and then regionally, and then nationally, and most recently the battle cry is for employees to pony up so the corporation can compete globally.

      Each time, businesses find another reason to abuse the employee.

      If e-harmony, or any other employment culture matching system is to be successful bettering the employment experience, it Must Not be one developed by, or for the hiring side of the equation.

      Inevitably, I get attacked for my views stated above by HR people, hiring managers, etc. who blah, blah, blah about how great their work environment is and how their bosses are down to earth, blah, blah, blah. Go ahead and justify your sad existence by saying you care. the fact is that you work for a corporate entity that will not, can not and must not take your concerns above profits. So good luck with making that hole your head is in nice and comfortable…At least until you get let go.

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