I Hate You, You Hate Me: Facebook’s Political Fights Can Take Their Toll on Recruiting

Those bitter Facebook battles over gay marriage, Planned Parenthood, and all else have taken a toll on a few friendships. Perhaps then, they are having some affect on employment relationships — recruiters connected with candidates over Facebook.

This is, after all, part of what social media’s supposed to be about for recruiting — building relationships over time, ones that could someday end up in a hire. And, on Facebook, in some cases these rough-and-tumble political fights are stopping some hires before they start.

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CollegeRecruiter.com’s Steven Rothberg and I talk about this for about 13 minutes, below.


8 Comments on “I Hate You, You Hate Me: Facebook’s Political Fights Can Take Their Toll on Recruiting

  1. Great conversation! This is an issue that’s been bubbling more or less below the surface for several years. To me, it seems that ancillary knowledge provided by social media in the workplace has more negative and dividing effects than positive. I’ve always thought that I like working with anyone and everyone (usually!) but let’s not talk politics or religion. Let’s focus on the work.

  2. This is an excellent piece.

    FB rage is big and getting bigger. The elections are coming and trust me, you ain;t seen nothin yet. The conversations are taking on a dark tone. Is this what FB is to become? I for one am backing off. Will they fray the relationships we seek to build? In many cases, yes.

    @Brian, I believe that your comment is idealistic and would be great if it represented reality but it does not. We hire the people we like and we trust. I am not sure what your formula means but all I see out there is a country divided and the race has hardly even begun. The net result will not be abundance. It will be winners and losers who have battled it out for months. Politics, abortion, religion, same sex marriage. Pivotal issues that are white hot and emotionally charged. This is not a good thing. If you really believe that hard feelings, will not be formed in the FB wars and this will not affect recruiting then you are mistaken.

    @ Steven, Once again, we hire those who we like and we trust. Do we evaluate? Of course. Do we seek cultural fit and similar values. Most often, yes but it is human nature not to wish to work next to a person with whom we are raging with on FB issues of great social import, every single day. What does ones views have to do with the ability to perform work? A lot.

    This is a good piece Todd.

  3. @ Howard: Very well said. We are at work to do our jobs- IMHO, work remotely as much as you can (if it suits you, if you can), and keep your opinions to yourself while you’re there: “You aren’t being paid to have an opinion”.

    @ Brian: it doesn’t appear that you’ve had the typical experiences of many non-conformists. It’s been my experience that if you can freely express who you are without many negative consequences, you’re either in a tolerant environment (like where I live in the Bay Area), or who you are just isn’t all that *unusual….


    Keith “Not Particularly *Unusual” Halperin

    * or perhaps “interesting”….

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