I Heard It in the Halls of the ERE Recruiting Conference & Expo

Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 10.33.01 AMHeard and overheard in San Diego yesterday and today:

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  • Workday plans to officially launch its recruiting technology system in a multi-city event May 6; seven companies have already been using it
  • A Boston recruiting leader ran the Boston marathon Monday and was at ERE on Tuesday
  • TalentCircles beat out a well-known job board/software company to win the business of ResCare
  • At a fast-growing San Diego company, one recruiting leader is impressed with UltiPro
  • 2014’s Q1 saw SmashFly get its highest quarterly sales
  • Entelo describes day 2
  • From a recruiting leader in the Las Vegas desert: “Our 11th core value is ‘sweat'”
  • PNC (for retail jobs), Target (for corporate jobs), and Chrysler (for engineering and product jobs) are using a little-known company for “pay-per-applicant” ads
  • Avature is close to nailing down a big new customer, one I can’t yet say, but it’s one known as a recruiting-best-practice corporation
  • Mettl is bringing on a big global client too — a very large software multinational
  • And Entelo is starting a little work for AT&T, hoping it expands into something bigger
  • Jibe sees its future in analytics for recruiting departments, not just as a mobile recruiting vendor
  • A few quick clips


4 Comments on “I Heard It in the Halls of the ERE Recruiting Conference & Expo

  1. “PNC (for retail jobs), Target (for corporate jobs), and Chrysler (for engineering and product jobs) are using a little-known company for “pay-per-applicant” ads”

    I checked their site, seems they’re still in the “Call us!” or “Let us call you!” mode, rather than giving actual information on their site.

  2. 2 Steve,

    I’m sure they’re legit. But they don’t seem to be thinking of things from their customer’s perspective. It would be nice if they were the only solution people were considering, but they’re not and they won’t be. So instead of being yet another company that refuses to give any information on their web site, and which requires customers to go through innumerable sales calls and ‘demos’ which often poorly represent products and leave questions unanswered, why not just give some info on the site? I know back when I was looking up ATS systems the biggest pain in the butt part of the process was the lack of information and the need to set aside hours of time for demonstrations when I just wanted some simple questions answered.

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