Identified, a Sourcing Tool, Officially Goes Live

builtWith a spokesman saying it wants to be a “fierce competitor to LinkedIn,” the website Identified is shedding its “beta” status and launching more formally.

Identified Recruit says that its advantage over LinkedIn is that it mines data from the web and other social networks. In other words, the potential candidates don’t have to enter themselves into any database. It also says it gives you access to a billion candidate profiles.

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Its early clients include healthcare organizations like Yale-New Haven Hospital. Identified also recently announced it hired Facebook’s manager of data science to expand the company’s technology.


2 Comments on “Identified, a Sourcing Tool, Officially Goes Live

  1. Very expensive tool. Also interesting to note that only one of the senior management have any experience in recruiting. The DICE product already has a similar tool that searches all the social networks. Much more cost effective solution.

  2. I think that unless you have a tool that can replace an Irina or a Maureen, you can just let the $1000/mo. people do your sourcing using whatever they have- you don’t need a new tool if you aren’t doing the sourcing, and you shouldn’t be doing your basic sourcing if YOUR time is worth >$1000/mo.


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