If You Think Wearing Google Glass to an Interview is Weird, See Al

Google GlassBeing so awesomely culturally plugged in, I can not believe me and my little Roundup column missed the Google Glass recruiting interview video from TMP Labs.

Cool as it is, and not so much a concept thing as entirely possible pretty much now, the TMP video gets beat hands down (and by 2.698 million views to 13,158) by a Google Glass interview video from Gonzaguetv.

Now the latter shows how a lecherous hiring manager might conduct a job interview with the help of Google Glass, while his equally lecherous team surreptitiously watches via the Glass video cam.

Need I tell you that the TMP video is nothing like the French spoof? It does show some of the sme uses, but in a less nefarious way.  And it shows just how helpful Google Glass may soon become to recruiters.

Turning the tables, imagine if we all have Google Glass. I’m sitting there being interviewed and you ask me that classic, “What is your greatest weakness?” question. Since I want the job, I don’t snort and tell you that it’s allowing myself to be interviewed by unimaginative people.

Instead, my coach, who is watching and listening in to the interview, feeds me a fabulous response which I deliver a la Cyrano de Bergerac.

I wow you, get the job and thus ends the era of the behavioral interview.

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Weird Is No. 1

Since weird seems to be in this month (see last week’s Silly Season collection), it is, like, totally fitting to point out that for the first time in his long, if C-list career (even if he’s won three Grammys, has four gold records and millions and millions in sales), Weird Al Yankovic is atop the charts. His Mandatory Fun album is Billboard’s No. 1.

Why this should warrant a mention on an HR/recruiting site should be obvious. It has more than one song that is perfect for the next office party. The undisputed candidate: Mission Statement.



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  1. That’s hilarious!Man, I wish I was working in united states. Google glass has not been brought to JP yet. Thinking about get me one of those.

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