Implanting the DNA for Success

Our success is linked to the success of our clients. More specifically, our success is linked to the success of the managers we serve at the client’s organization.

This link is based on the fact that nothing else has real value if the newly placed employee does not properly perform the essential functions of the position and consistently deliver to your client performance outcomes that meet or exceed their expectations.

This is the standard by which your client’s manager will be judged and it is the standard by which you as their recruiter will be judged.

As referenced in a previous article (Improve the Process, Improve the Results), there are six critical variables involved in Human Capital Management. If these variables are handled properly, long-term success will result for the new employee, their manager, and ultimately for you as the recruiter.

However, you can help ensure this outcome if you implant the “DNA for Success” at the beginning of your process with the client.

In similar fashion to human DNA, which ultimately shapes the characteristics of the individual, the search “DNA” will shape the outcome of your process with the client.

The critical search “DNA” that must be implanted at the beginning of your process with the client is to clearly determine with them in specific terms, the critical performance outcomes that need to be achieved through the position. Without clearly defined outcomes, it is almost impossible to establish job-related, performance-based selection criteria. When this occurs, the entire process becomes compromised.

Therefore, together with your client, determine “what” constitutes successful performance in the position. As the recruiter, the most important question to ask your client is:

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“How do you define and measure successful performance in this position?”

Follow-up questions include:

“What outcomes must be achieved through this position and within what timeframe?”

“Against what specific performance standards will these be measured?”

“Basically, what is it you will be paying the new employee to do?”

In other words, you must determine what needs to be accomplished through the position, against what time line it needs to be accomplished, and in specific terms, against what measurable performance standards.

In essence, you and your client will be assigning behaviorally based outcomes to the position. This constitutes the search “DNA” and it is only through this process that a true picture of success can be defined.

When you consider the six variables of Human Capital Management, you can quickly identify where the lack of proper search “DNA” can negatively impact each of them.

Regardless of the level of the position in the client’s organization, the search “DNA” defines the goal for your process and it is this goal that must be the focus for both you and your client.

As always, if you have questions or comments about this article or wish to receive my input on any other topic related to this business, just let me know. Your calls and emails are most welcome.

Recipient of the Harold B. Nelson Award, Terry Petra is one of our industry's leading trainers and consultants. He has successfully conducted in-house programs for hundreds of search, placement, temporary staffing firms and industry groups across the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, England, and South Africa. To learn more about his training products and services, including PETRA ON CALL, and BUSINESS VALUATION, visit Terry can be reached at (651) 738-8561 or click to email him.


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