Inspired by Miley Cyrus, Deloitte New Zealand Expands Facebook Page

Using live and recorded video, 1,000-employee Deloitte New Zealand is trying new features that’ll make its Facebook page more interactive.

The latest feature is a “Deloitte NZ Fan Showcase,” which you can find on the company’s Facebook wall. One of the company’s “fans” is interviewed with a little camera — an idea one Sodexo observer seems to like.

In addition to the fan showcase, the Facebook pages also include:

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  • A video q and a, where people can ask questions like “how important are grades?” “This will be the predominant way we will be responding to fan questions,” says Paul Jacobs. “It showcases to them that we are human, and highlights the variety of people working for Deloitte NZ … trying to humanize the brand.” Talent Acquisition Manager Richard Long has been working with Jacobs for a year on social recruiting strategies. The two are handling most of the Facebook filming, writing posts, and so on from soup to nuts.
  • Live webcasts for fans — candidates — to hear more from the company. This was inspired by the way celebrities like Miley Cyrus were using Facebook. “Our inspiration for a lot of our initiatives comes from outside the recruitment and HR industries,” Jacobs says. “We are watching closely how celebrities, artists, DJs, and game developers are using social media to engage and build a loyal following of crazed and addicted fans. Our intention is for Deloitte employees/recent grad recruits to tell the story behind the brand, using the employee-branding philosophy rather than employer-branded.”

The payoff all this? Jacobs says “we’ve had significant ROI in securing top student talent from our competitors, and the offer-to-acceptance ratio was considerably higher compared to previous years.”


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