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cBizOne by cBizSoft

Due to the continuing strong demand from The Fordyce Letter readers for information on recruiter databases, I have been trying to review an ATS each month. This month I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to review a database I had heard of but had never seen: cBizOne by cBizSoft ( It is one of the most complete and comprehensive systems I have reviewed to date. That, combined with speed, ease of use, and a very familiar “Windows” design make for a solid system.

This product is a web-enabled client-server application that can be used either stand-alone or networked. Your database is also accessible from anywhere using the Internet. cBizOne can be hosted on your desktop or network or hosted by cBizSoft or a third-party hosting company. For virtual companies and remote users, regardless of hosting model, they utilize data replication to continuously update information back and forth from your desktop to the server. The beauty in this configuration is that you always have access to your data, regardless of whether you have an Internet connection. When you are connected, your data is synchronized with the server so it can be shared with others in your office, or, if you run a solo shop, you can have access from multiple PC’s. When you are not connected, the system if fully functional, and all your adds and changes are synched up with the server the next time you are connected.

There is no main screen, per se. You start the program and get a two-pane view with all your folders on the left and all the data in those folders on the right. They have folders for Companies, Contacts (hiring managers), Candidates, Requirements, a Calendar and Sent Mails (there is a built in email client that works hand in hand with your Outlook program). Once you select the folder you want to look at, all your data appears on the right in a datasheet view. One very handy feature is the (patent-pending) Live Search Bar, at the top of each data page. You simply type in a few letters in the text box above the field you want to search (Name, State, Skills, etc.) and you are able to locate almost any contact or candidate within seconds.

ding a new candidate is easy. You can add new records either singly or batch up many together and by using the GrabIT feature. It can create new records extracted directly from emails, folders or web pages. Once you add your new candidate record, all activity and correspondence with that person is recorded. The good part about that is that on each candidate record you have information on all your email correspondence, what requirements/companies they have been submitted to, all interview and placement activity, plus all the standard fields for contact information, job history, skills, education, etc.

The database is highly customizable. New records can be created using use a set of fields to capture data in a Win-Form, which can be completely customized by the user to include industry, company-specific or any other fields of your choosing. An example might be custom fields for certifications or licenses. Also, you can create a web form that can reside on your own website. Candidates can enter their profile/resume into your web page and the candidate will be automatically added to the database.

The Companies folder allows you to link all your clients within a company and the linking information lets you see all your Requirements and Submittals for that company. The Requirements form is very straightforward and similar in functionality to the Candidates form in that it also captures data via custom fields or can be entered via your website.

Once your Candidates, Companies, Contacts and Requirements are in the database it’s time to do some searching. This is accomplished in any one of several ways. I have already mentioned the Search Bar, a great feature to find data fast. You can also use the Advanced Find (a comprehensive search against the Candidate records, notes and resumes) and/or the Document Find (a text search against your hard drive or server) features. A nice touch is the highlighting of your keywords in the search results.

Once the search is complete, time to make some submissions. A few clicks and you’re there. On sending the Candidate to your Contact, the Candidate is automatically linked to the Requirement, Contact and Company. They offer a highly customizable email template, including your logo that really makes your submissions stand out from the competition. A copy of the sent email is logged to the software and your external email client. Tracking the candidate through the placement is made simpler when the components are linked and easily accessible.

A unique feature of cBizOne is its direct integration with Outlook. Through an Outlook toolbar AddIn called cBizBar, you can use GrabIt, parse resumes, directly add clients to cBizOne, link emails to any database entry, etc.

I could go on but I’ll stop here for now. Having said all of the above, they have the lowest monthly fee for this type of service that I have seen to date. Their standard, published fees are $30 per month per user. There are no fees for setup, support, upgrades, training, or data import. Unheard of up to this point. Also, there is no minimum contract. Service is billed month by month. For $10 more per month you can get a SQL Server based system (as opposed to the Access based system) if you have a larger office. Hosting and remote administration services are also available.

They offer a free 60 trial of their software that can be downloaded from My thanks to Bob Nelson, cBizSoft, Inc. Director of Marketing, for his help with this review. Anyone with any questions or comments can reach Bob via voice at 972-713-3888 x 24 or via email at I would strongly encourage anyone that has any interest in a solid, versatile, comprehensive ATS should definitely put this software on your review list.

Haley Marketing Group Contest

Haley Marketing Group, who we have written about more than once in this column, is celebrating the launch of their upcoming brand new website by giving one lucky staffing company a free website makeover, worth up the $4500. The “I Hate My Website Contest” website will include a new look for you plus many features to keep your candidates and clients interested in coming back again and again. Included will be an interactive job board with advanced communications capabilities, plus, a complete library of staffing and HR content.

There is no cost to enter this contest. A drawing will be held on the day they launch their new website, which is soon sign up now. You can enter by filling out the form at


ZillionResumes, calls themselves the world’s foremost resume aggregator. They use advanced robot technology to search the Internet continuously, gathering active and passive resumes from over 100,000 Internet locations. I have not used this service but here are a few tidbits from their email:

Over 2.6 million passive and active candidate resumes

Search for candidates from any location

New resumes added daily, thousands added every week

Passive candidates that you will not find on job boards

Easy to use, keyword searching and keyword highlighting

Option to display candidate’s emails only for simple email collection

They have an introductory special, 3 months for the price of 2 at $159.98 (less than $54 a month). An entire year of service is $599.99. You can also go month to month for $79.99. Anyone interested in a database of primarily passive candidates can visit their website at


From a recent email: “Recently we launched our new employment website servicing the whole Northeast. I would like to invite you to use our new service. You can advertise your job leads, search resumes, drive traffic to your agency and it’s completely FREE.” Anyone interested in this type of service can reach Kelly Fargo via email at or visit their website at


Recently received an email from, a 100% woman-owned business. Seems to be a niche site catering to women and diversity candidates. From their email: “ – Helping Women Achieve Success in their Careers & Lives.” I have not used this service but if you ever need female candidates you might check them out at or you can call them at 503-221-7779 or reach them via email at


Online Social Networking

Catchy phrase? I have been noticing a lot of emails over the last year or so from past contacts asking me to join one of several online networking groups. Although I have not taken anyone up on their invitation one who has, Shally Steckerl, has been kind enough to contribute to this month’s column, as he has done many times in the past, and give his thoughts on this concept and offers some benefits of two of the major players. Here they are:

Online Social Networking is not a new concept. Because the media has been giving it much attention lately, these online networks are beginning to grow in popularity and are becoming very useful. Before social networking software we would gather at meetings, conferences, symposiums and trade shows to share leads and make new connections. Online, people meet in discussion forums and discover each other by reading profiles. Online social networking software adds another set of tools to our network building tool bag by allowing us to find out who our friends already know.

Meeting in person, we can only make connections one by one. Some of the best business deals are forged with a casual meeting where someone you already knows introduces you to someone they think you should meet. Online, these connections can occur much faster, and there is the added value of being able to search through our friends’ connections to help us achieve specific networking objectives.

How does this relate to recruiting? Networking is something all good recruiters do. Like with face-to-face meetings, we find common areas of interest with potential candidates and interact with them to build relationships. This can result in new placements, or new business.

Why does it work? Talented people have two things in common: 1. They easily relate with people they already know and, 2. They love to talk about themselves.

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Major Benefits

Online social networking software enables you to find quality people who may not be familiar with you, or with your organization, and creates an opportunity to connect with them and sell them on your opportunities. They may be unfamiliar with your company or business, or may not have even been looking for something.

Because you already know someone who knows them, you can feel more comfortable that they are a quality prospect or at least can do some checking around. Also, because of that mutual connection, you can more easily overcome cumbersome barriers and begin a relationship with a little more trust and warmth than with a total stranger. Like “six degrees of Kevin Bacon,” social networking sheds light on the contacts you never knew you had.

You can contact people in your network about other people in the system by rekindling old connections, maximizing value in your weak connections, and making new connections.

Find new leads for networking into companies by researching companies/industries/people, making fewer cold calls, preparing for the cold call, and leveraging contacts you already have.

Major Players

With most services, the initial sign up is free. We begin by filling out a form with personal data and then invite our friends. With some networks we can upload our current contacts, but with others we need to invite our contacts directly through the application’s interface. Our connections then invite their own contacts, and that’s how our network grows.

There are hundreds of online social networking sites. Most of the applications competing for your attention offer a combination of professional and personal networking. Some are better suited to find a date while others are more seriously oriented to business. After joining and reviewing the top twenty players, two of them stand out:

Subscription service allows you to input and manage your own contacts.

Search for connections only with people through whom you are already connected. Approve each connection individually.

Very protective of privacy.

Profiles look very much like a resume. A large percentage of members are high-level executives.

Unsolicited endorsements tell you what people are really like.

Search for industry experts, potential employees, hiring managers, deal-makers, by location and other keywords.

Strongly aligned with

Growing quickly. New people sign up every day. If LinkedIn finds them in your contacts it will remind you to ask for a direct connection.

Deeply integrated, extracts contact data from enterprise applications (e.g. Outlook, Notes, etc.) to establish and leverage connections.

Find people you already know by company, keyword, name or function. Search for senior executives, VPs and higher, or Directors and higher. Search by company to connect with executives you don’t yet know.

Get information about companies too. Integrated web search functionality.

Other users approve web search results added to a connection’s profile.

I want to thank Shally for taking the time to inform us all about the benefits of this type of service. Shally, proprietor of, can be reached via email at if anyone has any questions or comments.

Mark E. Berger, CPC has been in permanent placement since 1979 and has been a partner in Berger/Nowlin, Inc. since 1997. Previously, he owned M. E. Berger & Associates, a permanent placement firm. He has been heavily involved in internet recruiting since 1996 and has successfully attained the AIRS CIR (Certified Internet Recruiter) designation. He is on the Board of Directors for the Missouri Assn. of Personnel Services and can be reached via email at


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