Is it time for a word of caution on this Millennial fad?

I don’t remember all the details about the X’ers…probably because those details turned out not to matter as much as we all were told. Sure, there’s a group of people who have many things in common while growing up. Will all the new modes of communication play a part in how they interact with each other and everyone else? Absolutely. I hope it might matter that all people,no matter when they are born will use these new modes of communication with everyone else in accordance with the number of brain cells they have. I don’t think any of the people who are instructing us on how ‘shockingly different’ these millenials are have suggested that they have any different distribution of brain cells than any other generation. Maybe we should focus on the tools and not the people so much. The tools ARE different…but it was not the Millennials who figured out how to make it so we could choose ‘Why talk live to this guy when I can text him?’ I hope someone digs this out a couple years from now and either pokes me for how blind I was or points out the Millennial ‘label’ didn’t turn out to mean a whole lot. I also hope a few people poke me now because I think it’ll be fun to post the pokes in a couple years.

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