Is There a Candidate in the House? Finding Healthcare Professionals

The healthcare field encompasses a multitude of positions. From physicians to medical librarians to billing clerks, the business of medicine is indeed a large and complex business. Are you searching for a hospital administrator? A nurse? While there are general healthcare employment sites where you can look for all kinds of candidates, there are also sites, organizations, and forums that focus on individual areas of specialization. Learning about and using a variety of online locations can be the prescription for recruitment success. Feel Good about This Site is an employment site servicing almost every imaginable category of medical professional. To see a listing of job titles by category, select “Browse Jobs” under the “Job Seekers” heading. A page called “Professions” is returned. With a list of 31 categories that begins with “Administration (Non-Clerical Positions)” and ends with “Therapists,” here you’ll find everything from “Food Services” to “Pharmacists.” Selecting a category or scrolling down the page allows you to view the job titles under a heading. Each category name is followed by a number in parentheses, which represents the current jobs for that category. The number of listings for a particular position also appears after a job title. Positions are categorized with great specificity at MedHunters, which is one of the site’s strengths. There are five categories for nurses, for example, and within each category there are many positions. Under the one entitled “Nurse Management/Administration,” there are over 80 job titles. This greatly increases the likelihood of job seekers and employers finding each other. By selecting “View Employers,” a candidate also has the option to view a list of employers. Selecting a name from the list returns an “Organization Description,” a “Community Description,” a category of “Additional Information,” and all the “Job Postings” for that employer, followed by job descriptions. Like other aspects of the site,’s resume search feature is designed for optimum efficiency. Selecting “View Resumes” under the “Employers” heading takes you to a page where you must then choose “Search Resumes.” It leads to an online form where work experience requirements and details about skills can be entered. offers a single job posting service that comes with a number of features, as well as six- and 12-month packages. Details can be obtained by selecting “MedHunters Services,” which can be found under the heading “Employers.” The site currently has about 23,000 resumes in its database and approximately 7,000 job listings. <*SPONSORMESSAGE*> A Mega Dose If you’re a believer in bigger is better, than the Health Care Job Store may be the place for you. Tied to over 325 healthcare job sites, including regional sites and position-specific sites, the opportunity for exposure is tremendous. To view a list of member sites, select “Employer” or “Recruitment Firms” from the homepage. Rate information is also returned. A job seeker begins the search at the Health Care Job Store by selecting “Find Health Care Jobs” from the homepage. This leads to a page where he or she must then enter a “Job Title,” a “Company Name,” a “Keyword,” and/or select a state from a pull-down menu. Although this method can yield results, given the variety of job titles for most positions, it can be a bit tricky to ensure that every available job is returned. But, because a job seeker also has easy access to regional sites and sites for specific types of positions where he or she will also most likely search, any missed connections should be alleviated. If he or she were searching for medical billing openings, for example, chances are good “” would be chosen from a list just below the search fields. It leads to a page where “Find Medical Billing Jobs” would then be selected. Although this returns search boxes again, simply clicking on “Find Jobs NOW” returns all postings. The entire list of positions can be viewed at the Health Care Job Store by making this selection at the main search page. Doing so recently resulted in over 4,700 varied postings. When Making the Rounds An employment and career site for nurses, provides links to job listings under the heading “Featured Employers.” These ads are also accessible by choosing “Travel Jobs,” “Hospital Jobs,” “Long-Term Care Jobs,” or “Office, Agency, Clinic Jobs,” under the heading “Employment Ads.” While there is an opportunity to reach a targeted audience with job advertising at, the site has other features you may wish to use. Selecting “U.S. Boards of Nursing” takes you to contact information for each State Board. In many cases, links are provided. Choosing “Colorado Board of Nursing,” for example, leads to a site that features a category called “Related Links.” Among the many worth exploring if you’re recruiting for nurses in Colorado is the “Colorado Nurses Association.” The site has a discussion forum for staff nurses where, among the recent postings, were inquiries about available jobs. As with most forums, selecting the name of the poster returns a pop-up email window that makes corresponding with a candidate easy. Use courtesy when contacting candidates mined from discussion forums. If you’d like to correspond with a forum member about a job opportunity, don’t post a message to the forum itself. This is an unwritten (and sometimes written) rule of the discussion forum community. Instead, write a carefully and politely crafted email to the individual. Not every passive candidate will be interested in speaking with you. If you use a tempered approach, however, you’re likely to make a better impression. has its own forum. Selecting “Chat/Forums” takes you to a page where you can either participate in chat rooms or click on “Message Boards” to get to the forum. You must register to enter the forum, but it is available to all. Topics are divided by category and include such headings as “ICC/CCU Nurses” and “Home Health Nurses.” Be sure to select “All” at the top of the left portion of the page, so that all messages are returned. The default setting is “Unread.” If you scroll to the bottom of the page, you’ll find a search box, which allows you to fine-tune your listening if you’re unable to find a discussion thread that leads you to a candidate. Take a Few Links While can lead you to links for organizations specific to nurses,’s list of Hospital Administration Associations can connect you with other kinds of healthcare professionals. Among the organizations listed are the American College of Medical Practice Executives, the American Hospital Association, and the American Society for Healthcare Food Service Administrators. Depending on your recruitment needs, these sites may also point the way to potential candidates. When what ails you is an open healthcare position, fortunately there are a number of cures.

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