Is There Life After Twitter?

Back on July 1, Amybeth Hale posted about a recruiter named Jerry Albright who’d decided he’d had enough of Twitter.

I caught up with Albright on the phone to ask him whether his decision to give up on tweeting was a good one. We also discuss:

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  • The sky-high expectations of new Twitter users, and social media users in general
  • Whether Twitter is work or personal
  • The convergence of Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn
  • Whether you really need to quantify your social media efforts

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9 Comments on “Is There Life After Twitter?

  1. There was a recruiter who lost his car keys one night. Another recruiter came along as recruiter #1 was searching for his keys under the street light.
    “What are you doing?” asks recruiter #2.
    “I’m looking for my car keys.”
    “Where did you lose them?” asks recruiter #2.
    “Over there somewhere,” says recruiter #1, pointing down the street a ways.
    “Why are you looking here?” asks recruiter #2.
    “The light is better over here.”

    If you decide to go on twitter as a recruiter and only follow other recruiters, then chances are, you aren’t going to find what you are looking for.


  2. I followed all sorts of people – but the funny thing was – only we (HR/Sales/Recruiters, etc.)were the only ones saying anything.

    I followed hundreds of “targeted” people and most never made a oeep.


  3. Looked at the first five pages of your follows Jerry. Total number of jobseekers? 1. Total number of corporate executives who aren’t recruiters? 1. Total number of recruiting companies? Too many to count. #StickingWithMyOriginalPremise

  4. The fact is Karen – engineers, accountants, plant managers, et Al don’t Tweet. Forcing myself to find any of them and hope they then follow back is/was a sheer waste of time.

    Is Twitter cool? You bet. Is it the best place for a recruiter to spend their time? Absolutely not.

    You and I have different agendas. Every person is not a prospect in my world. I’m sure it has value in your world – which is great.

    Trust me – I know whether there is a return for me on Twitter which is all that really matters to me. As of now – and the near future there is not.

  5. I’m curious…and not being a smart*ss looking for an expected answer. This has a fair number of comments. I am curious how many people listened to it ,if that stat is available. No offense intended but I didn’t.

    I think I saluted Jerry at the time by saying Twitter wasn’t even worth the effort to turn it off. Then, they stuck it on the LinkedIn page so now it is easy to plop a tweet now and then like a seagull flying over a plate of french fries.

    Since I am still on it I can say it is still worthless for me…

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