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They’re out there somewhere. With an estimated 125 billion galaxies, somewhere there’s bound to be an IT professional with the skills to get the job done. But how do you find such a being? While the big boards and the well-known technology sites, such as and, are good places to connect with candidates, there are other resources in the vast cosmos of the Net that are also worth exploring. The Call of the Vortal calls itself “The Mother of All Tech Sites” and “The IT Career Vortal.” Claiming more than 370,000 IT professionals as members, the site includes news and information about the industry, job postings, and chat rooms. It also offers assistance in terms of training and certification. A job seeker can search job postings at BrainBuzz by keyword and by location, or by browsing company listings. There is also a “JobScout” option that allows a candidate to receive a targeted listing of jobs via email on a daily basis. Various other newsletters and email lists are available. Designed for the IT professional, these can also serve as recruitment information sources lending you insight into the sometimes cryptic IT world with new terms, keywords and leaders in the industry. After selecting “Job Seeker,” choose “Mailing Lists” from the menu on the left side of the page. Then select “BrainBuzz News.” This leads to a page where you can select the publications and lists you wish to receive. All subscriptions are free. The chat rooms at BrainBuzz are another source of information. From the homepage, you’ll find “Chat” under the heading “Check This Out.” At the “Chat” page you’ll find schedules and topic information for a number of “Moderated Chats.” Transcripts of past discussions are also available. Most discussions tend to be highly technical, but here you may find a lead, such as a reference to a particular company, worth pursuing. BrainBuzz has a message at its site, which reads “No Staffing Companies or Headhunters.” Although only employers are allowed access to job postings and resume database services, other features of the site are resources for everyone. The Information Gateway TechWeb, “The IT Network,” is an information gateway for IT professionals. There are links to industry news and feature articles, as well as opportunities for interaction. Providing access to various roundtables, information categories called “Planet IT Tech Centers,” and member sites that are part of its network, TechWeb is a place that abounds with names of people and companies. Any category you select from among the “Planet IT Tech Centers” leads you to articles filled with information. These categories include “Advanced IP Services,” “Data Management,” “Linux,” “Networking,” “Web Design & Development,” “Windows 2000,” and others. For each category there are also several subcategories listed. Under “Networking,” for example, you’ll find “LAN,” “Network Management,” “NOS,” and “WAN.” These, however, are just representative of the subcategories you’ll find once you go to the “Networking” page. And, once at a category page, don’t be misled by the few entries under each heading. These are simply the first articles of many. Clicking on the actual word “LAN,” for example, leads to a topic index of 218 articles. <*SPONSORMESSAGE*> Planet IT Roundtables offer other opportunities for information that can lead to candidates. These online forums, led by industry experts, are organized by topic, including “Careers & Training.” You can even send a question directly to the experts from Planet IT’s site. Participation requires membership, but registration is free. Planet IT is just one of many TechWeb sites you’ll want to visit. A complete listing of sites, with links, is provided at the TechWeb homepage under the heading “TechWeb Network Sites.” Check the Calendar Among TechWeb’s other offerings is TechCalendar, a resource that provides information about IT events. Once at the TechCalendar site, you can search for events by entering keywords and/or by choosing from an “Events” menu which includes “Career Fair,” “Conference,” “Convention,” and “Trade Show and Exhibition” among its listing. You can also access events information by selecting a subcategory under one of three general headings: “Information Technology,” “Internet,” and “Telecommunications.” Choosing one of these, such as “Unix,” which is listed under “Information Technology,” returns a list of related events. Each list includes “Event Name,” “Date,” and “Location.” For each event, the “Event Name” is a link to details about the function. TechCalendar points the way to tremendous possibilities in terms of connecting with candidates. By using this resource, you can find events in your area where you can meet and interact with IT professionals. Utilizing job boards, browsing news and feature articles for company and candidate information, checking out online forums for leads, learning about events in your areas?these can all help you fill the empty space…with an IT professional.

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Paula Santonocito is an e-recruitment strategist and columnist for AIRS, the global leader in Internet recruitment training, tools, news and information. AIRS AIRS AIRS


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