It’s as Good a Time as any for Another Employee Referral Tool

Among the recent moves by recruiting vendors (like a speak-with-a-geek app launch, a NY Times job site relaunch with RealMatch, and more) comes a new employee referral beta.

This — employee referral applications of one kind or another — is an awfully hot niche among talent-acquisition startups. The latest, out of Somerset, is Reflik.

In a nutshell, you use the Reflik site as a referral generator not just in the traditional employee-to-candidate way, but by taking advantage of a larger, who-do-they-know-who-knows-someone else social media community. Resumes are matched, and ranked, against the jobs.

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You pay a fee not for posting, but rather when there’s a hire.

Reflik has nine employees, including salespeople, developers, and more marketing and advertising folks to come. Right now, the co-founders are the investors. Eduard Tilihoi, who I talked to today, says they’ll seek venture capital money soon.


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  1. Getting job through a referral is going to be the next-big thing coming up for Recruitment Industry. Already LinkedIn and other jobboards have stormed the industry but Referral job system is still naive and yet to be exploited at large. I can smell a huge potential in this Industry.

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