It’s Easy To Win When You’ve Got The Best Hand

I got back from 5 days in Las Vegas and that kind of thing is never easy. I did get a lot of work done though and did a ton of networking. For five days, I hung with recruiters and people very interested in learning more about the industry. Recruiters love to talk about business and tricks of the trade. I learned a lot about the city of Las Vegas and the recruiting challenges taking place there every day. It was very interesting.

It’s also a privilige for me to spend time with certain people much smarter than me and I’ll tell you, I am very fortunate that time and time again, these same people continue to share their wisdom and insight with me. All of this stuff helps justify to me why spending 5 days in Vegas is a good thing.

The other thing that I realized that is kind of interesting is that winning a pot in poker is easy when you have the best hand. The same is true with recruiting. I mean, sometimes in a hand of poker, you have the best hand and you know it. Sometimes you have the best client and you know it.

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I remember I had a client that hired every single device driver engineer I could find and pay them 40% more than what they were making and relocate them from wherever they were. It’s real easy when it’s like that. Same as in poker, when you flop the nut straight and someone flops three of a kind, things work out just fine. Now of course, sometimes things go wrong but they are far and few between.

In most cases though, it’s not easy and the outcome is not obvious. It’s why when recruiting, you always need to be on the lookout for the disaster card. Thing is, you’ll never see it coming and you certainly won’t see it when it hits if you don’t ask the questions constantly from the beginning. It’s the pair on the river, but that one’s easy to see.


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