Jason Corsello Leads New Service for HCM Market

The HCM technology consulting company Knowledge Infusion has announced two big changes. First, the company is launching a Center of Excellence. Second, this new service will be headed by well-known industry analyst Jason Corsello, previously of Yankee Group.

Corsello most recently worked as a research director at Yankee Group, leading the company’s Human Capital Management and Talent Management advisory and consulting services.

As he wrote on his blog last week, he is “passionate about changing the game in HCM. My new company shares many of those same passions. Changing the game means re-defining the traditional HR measures and getting the information and intelligence into the hands of decision-makers that can actual align talent with business results and outcomes.”

He explained that companies today are complacent with the information they get from “traditional” sources, while the needs of end users have gone underserved.

“Our goal is simple — to flip this model upside down. Leading companies are now going outside of their traditional circles to change their thinking,” he explained.

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The company says the goal of the Center of Excellence is to help HR organizations drive business outcomes by using “real-world” examples. It will use data from consulting engagements and industry research, and the format will be delivered via blogs, wikis, and podcasts, among more traditional methods.

The company says it will offer a flexible subscription basis for the following services:

  • Thought leadership and trends
  • Market intelligence, research, and analysis
  • End-user tools and templates
  • Industry benchmarks and best-in-class metrics

Knowledge Infusion says it hopes that the combination of HCM consulting with services in the Center of Excellence will help to maximize the strategic impact HR can have on an organization. Knowledge Infusion’s CEO, Jason Averbook, was previously with PeopleSoft.

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