Jeff Kaye’s Next-Level Strategies: Hot or Not?

Jeff Kaye’s got tons ‘o tips on how to springboard to that desired next level. Some are hot, some are not.


  • Truly stoking the fire across three areas at your company on a regular basis to form a cool culture, have great systems, and offer great pay.
  • Appreciating that work is a place for growing “personally and spiritually” as much as “professionally and financially.”
  • Using charity events as a way to promote that aforementioned “cool” culture.
  • Hosting town hall-style annual meetings for open communication.
  • Remembering that “creating the image you want” is possible, despite your marketing budget.
  • Celebrating entrepreneurship.


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  • Implementing weekend retreats away in the woods and going on hayrides.
  • Promoting hand-signed birthday cards for all employees.
  • Requiring quotas for employees.

The key to Kaye’s tips is realizing that what one person deems “hot” may be someone else’s “not,” and vice versa. So if you’re serious about being a leader and improving your culture, check out the video and determine which tips work best for you.

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  1. This was the first trainer that I have ever seen who understands how to build a search firm and not just a desk. Their DVD’s rock by the way!!

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