Jeff Skrentny – Trainer, Speaker, Recruiter

What an incredible career and success story  Jeff Skrentny, CPC/CTS has had. After his first deal in 1987 fell off, and after he was voted least likely to succeed in his training class he went on to become the firm’s top producer. From top producer, to manager, to entrepreneur, Jeff has grown his IT practice from contingency placement to engaged search as his practice has matured. During his 21 years in recruiting and search, Jeff has worked hard to learn the profession, to bring its best practices to his desk, and then share the vetted best practices with the more than 16,000 search, staffing and recruiting professionals from 32 nations who have attended the over 400 training presentations he has made since he began sharing his insight and inspiration with other recruiters and staffing professionals since 1996.

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4 Comments on “Jeff Skrentny – Trainer, Speaker, Recruiter

  1. Great stuff!
    I’m skipping my Friday rant so this can stay on top for a while 🙂
    And to clarify my point and amplify Jeff’s. I’d bet I make as many or more LinkedIn placements than the “LION” types. The info in there is astounding. It’s the networking and strangers loving strangers by proxy that’s eating up people’s time…
    Thank you Jeff for speaking and thanks to Bill for getting everyone’s messages out there.

  2. I think Skrentny is great! I was lucky enough to see him in one of his earlier training events for IAPS in Indianapolis around 2000 I think.

    Glad to see he’s still moving forward!

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