Job Seekers’ New Tools: Persona, Balloon

A couple of new tools for job seekers, and by extension of interest to recruiters:

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  • Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 12.56.26 PMPersona is a new way for job seekers to “quickly and easily remove regrettable posts from their past, and be notified via cell phone texts when any new ones surface.” It covers Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Persona can also flag offensive photos.
  • Balloon, in beta, is worth a look. It’s headed in a direction that’s slightly similar to what I’m hearing from people inside LinkedIn, as to what LinkedIn wants to do. Site users click on a career area they’re interested in, narrow it down further, and then see the skills they need, courses they can take, and jobs available for that career.


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  1. One thing definitely worth noting about balloon … if you check out the privacy and terms policies, you see it seems to be owned by Apollo/Univ. of Phoenix.

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