Jobboarders – The Community for Those Who Power the World’s Job Boards

You know by now the passion we have at ERE about creating online communities that add value to the professional lives of recruiters. In addition, I try and participate and keep up with the many of the other valuable communities which exist in our space.

One of those that I have followed and supported as a sponsor for the past few years was Jobboarders. Started back in 2007 by job board consultant Chris Russell, Jobboarders has grown into a community of over 1,200 members which offers a lot of value to those in the job board industry.

So when the opportunity to purchase the community was presented to us by our friend Jason Davis, we jumped on it. Together with Jason, who will bring his enthusiasm and expertise in building communities, we are excited to have the opportunity to take Jobboarders to the next level.

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For those of you who already participate in the Jobboarders community, you won’t see any drastic changes. So if you work for a job board, check out all that is offered over at Jobboarders.

Scott is The Fordyce Letter's Marketing Director. Handling all communications to the recruiting community about our products and services, you have most likely heard from Scott at one point or another. Drop him a line or meet up with him at one of our upcoming events.


3 Comments on “Jobboarders – The Community for Those Who Power the World’s Job Boards

  1. Congrats to all parties involved.Chris Russell is an avid member of the online recruitment community and its nice to see him being rewarded for his hard work.

  2. Cool, I founded the online recruiting company (, and I’m definitely excited to check it out.

    One thing that I want to stress, however, is that I am a firm believer that the ONLINE networking piece is only half of what needs to be done out there. The other 50% comes from the IN-PERSON networking that I feel is super crucial to finding jobs, helping people find jobs, etc. That’s why in addition to the online services that we offer, we also host FREE in-person networking events as well.

    Next one is going to be at Lime in San Francisco, and we’re expecting 200-300 people to be there. We’re also giving away free paris of jeans to all job seekers. You can find out more information and RSVP at:

    Mark Thomas

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