Jobfox’s Steven Toole: We’re at the Turnaround Point

Steven Toole doesn’t seem as high on social media recruiting as we are. But he is upbeat about employment, saying that a “perfect storm” is brewing for recruiters in 18-24 months as Americans begin a game of job-hopping musical chairs.

Below, Toole talks about these job-market trends, and the upcoming need for a lot of recruiters who have left the profession to come on back.

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5 Comments on “Jobfox’s Steven Toole: We’re at the Turnaround Point

  1. Steven,

    Thanks for this brief and clear analysis of what is coming up in the near furure. The Perfect Storm is indeed a great metafor.

  2. I received a resume from the Sr. Vice President of an $8B a year Fortune 500 company. Now, I’ve seen thousands, maybe tens of thousands of resumes in my career, and never had I seen a candidate with a more impressive list of achievements. This man had a history of turning around every company he’s ever worked for. At his most recent company, he quadrupled their online sales, yet for OVER A YEAR, he was unable to land a new position.
    I was stunned. Here was an Executive who’d probably made a cumulative profit in the Billions for the companies he was with. Any Hiring Professional who’d read his resume should have called him IMMEDIATELY and made him an offer. The only reason I could conceive of for this man going a YEAR without being snapped-up is this: No one ever actually READ his resume.

    I convinced him to let me re-engineer his resume. He’s now the CEO of a growing company, and quite happy in his new career. YOUR RESUME IS CRITICAL. Period.

    Jim Bradshaw
    Leap Career

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