.Jobs Opens RFP Process

The operator of the .jobs domain opened the competition today for the bulk assignment of new Internet addresses.

The RFP process announced by Employ Media solicits plans from third parties for the quantity use of addresses incorporating geographic, occupational, industry, dictionary, or combinations of these in conjunction with the .jobs suffix.

The 10-page RFP application notes that “A key goal of the .JOBS RFP is the enhancement of the .JOBS brand. Please include specific detail on how your proposal would help achieve that goal.”

This first round of the process — second round details will be announced later — costs $250 and closes on Sept. 24.

Besides the formal Request For Proposals application form, Employ Media also details the criteria by which submissions will be judged. Among the 15 listed points are: brand enhancement; quantity of the addresses to be used; “community value, impact and investment”; “quality, innovation, choice and differentiation”; the effect the proposal might have on SHRM, the sponsor of the domain; and typical criteria dealing with the financial stability of the proposer, and its ability to perform.

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One criterion weighs the proposer’s “historical activities and actions” relating to the .jobs domain, Employ Media, SHRM, the HR community, and the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers.

The number of potential proposers with the experience suggested here is likely to be small. One organization with a clear track record of involvement with all the groups is Employ Media’s beta partner DirectEmployers Association.

Last fall, the two organizations joined forces to launch several dozen job boards using geographic and occupation-specific names, such as Atlanta.jobs and Nursing.jobs. At the time, DirectEmployers boasted it would eventually launch hundreds of thousands of such sites.

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But after the Internet addressing authority, ICANN, questioned the use of such names, which were restricted in the original contract with Employ Media, the sites were taken down.

Subsequently, Employ Media petitioned for a change to the agreement, which then went through a process including a review by a SHRM council. The first iteration of that council was headed by Bill Warren, the executive director of DirectEmployers, and included members of the organization.

SHRM eventually dissolved that group and appointed its own Policy Development Process council. One member of the nine-person council was Rhonda Stickley, president of DirectEmployers.

DirectEmployers said it will participate in the RFP process, and published a whitepaper outlining its plan. Authored by Warren, the plan is essentially the same program that was launched last fall: multiple addresses serving up targeted jobs from a common platform.

“All employers worldwide, regardless of size or industry, should be allowed to list their jobs free of charge,” according to the whitepaper. Low?cost recruitment advertising opportunities” are an objective.

John Zappe is the editor of TLNT.com and a contributing editor of ERE.net. John was a newspaper reporter and editor until his geek gene lead him to launch his first website in 1994. He developed and managed online newspaper employment sites and sold advertising services to recruiters and employers. Before joining ERE Media in 2006, John was a senior consultant and analyst with Advanced Interactive Media and previously was Vice President of Digital Media for the Los Angeles Newspaper Group.

Besides writing for ERE, John consults with staffing firms and employment agencies, providing content and managing their social media programs. He also works with organizations and businesses to assist with audience development and marketing. In his spare time  he can be found hiking in the California mountains or competing in canine agility and obedience competitions.

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4 Comments on “.Jobs Opens RFP Process

  1. DirectEmployers Association and its 550+ member companies have overwhelmingly supported Employ Media’s proposal for a phased allocation program in the Dot-Jobs (.jobs) top-level domain (TLD) which is sponsored by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).

    The .jobs proposal was submitted to Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) by SHRM after it had conducted both an extensive survey of the Human Resource (HR) community and its own policy development process. SHRM’s .jobs PDP Council, which included job board representation, voted 7 to 1 to send the proposal to ICANN for consideration. After SHRM’s Board of Directors’ approval, the amendment was then considered by the ICANN Board of Directors at its August 5, 2010 meeting and approved by an 11 to 1 vote.

    In anticipation of Employ Media’s planned Request for Proposal (RFP), DirectEmployers plans to submit a proposal outlining how we believe the .jobs domains can be developed to better serve the needs of the international human resource management community as defined in the .jobs Charter. The proposal we plan to submit is available online at http://www.universe.jobs.

    The essence of our proposal is for the .jobs TLD to be a trusted source for both employers and job seekers. First and foremost, it must contain real jobs from real employers free of scams, duplicate job listings, and old or expired jobs. All employers worldwide, regardless of size or industry, should be allowed to list their jobs free of charge. The .jobs platform can offer distinct advantages for both employers and job seekers. Job seekers should have a quick, easy and direct connection to the hiring employers’ jobs resulting in a faster, more efficient hiring process.

    Whether or not DirectEmployers is successful in the RFP process, we believe the availability of industry, occupation, geographic and dictionary names within the .jobs sponsored TLD, as approved by ICANN, is a huge step in the evolution of Internet recruiting for both employers and job seekers.

    Although Employ Media’s recently announced RFP process will eventually determine whether or not DirectEmployers Association will ever play a role in the development of .jobs domains, I agree with Monster Chairman, President and CEO, Sal Iannuzzi, who says in his letter to ICANN opposing the phased allocation program, “…Monster does not deem new job boards managed by Employ Media and/or DirectEmployers Association to be any more of a competitive threat than the tens of thousands of job boards already in existence…”

    The .jobs sponsored TLD should not be considered a threat to commercial job boards and should be embraced by everyone in the HR community, including job boards. Regardless of who prevails in the RFP process, the HR community should all work together to make the .jobs TLD all it can be.

  2. John,

    Wonder why you mention “One member of the nine-person council was Rhonda Stickley, president of DirectEmployers” as if there was something sinister about her participation on the Council. Yet you always fail to mention the first Council also included Peter Weddle representing IAEWS who is obsessed with trying to stop .jobs and the second Council included Aaron Matos representing job boards and IAEWS who is just as obsessed as Weddle? By the way, they both failed to express their opinion by not voting. Just wondering.

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