Join Me in Atlanta to Talk Quality of Hire and More

Most recruiters I know didn’t start off as recruiters.

In fact, most recruiters I know started off with very different plans for their careers. But just like me, somewhere along the way they discovered this incredibly exciting, rewarding, sometimes frustrating, and totally addictive profession — and their lives changed forever. 

I think this is why I like attending ERE — it’s filled with other people who are passionate about what they do. You’ll often see the rock stars we’ve all followed for years, sitting right next to the HR generalist who raised her hand for the job when the recruiting manager at her company left. People are very open to sharing in this little world, and that makes for great conferences.

It’s good that we are so welcoming to newcomers. There are so many new tools available, and I know it’s hard for one person to keep up. It was just a few short years ago that we were deciding which magazine to run our recruitment ads in, and designing our first careers pages. Now we’re choosing selection assessment tools and mapping out our social media strategies. Who knows what the next few years will bring. But as you make your way through ERE this year, please keep one thing firmly in mind — despite all the goodies available now, the best authority on how to recruit people to your company is still you.

Take Quality of Hire (a topic of a panel I’m on in Atlanta, October 27 at 11:30)  — this is a hot topic at the moment, and you’re sure to hear many thoughts on the subject at ERE. Is quality of hire measured by how long people stay? How much revenue they produce? How will they do on their performance review? Probably, but I think there are many more thoughts we need to consider before deciding on a strict definition.

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I hope you’ll join a few of us as we talk about this important topic — and I hope you’ll speak up and share few of your own thoughts as well.

Whether you’re an old pro, or a new addition to our little family, we’re glad you’re here.  See you in Atlanta!

He started his career as a research chemist in the laboratory. Now, Michael Kannisto has tried to apply a similarly disciplined and science-based approach to the fields of recruiting and talent management. His long-term interests include employment branding, multiple generations in the workforce, and using Six-Sigma methodology to improve recruitment outcomes.

His current passion is the development and use of mathematical models to predict future staffing and development needs (a remarkably more accurate form of “workforce planning” than what is traditionally employed). Call it predictive modeling, call it “big data” ... but the information sitting in your HRMS right now has the potential to change the way you think about talent forever.


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