JustJobs Launches Just Because

Just because, Eric Shannon is launching JustJobs today.

It’s a jobs search engine in the vein of an Indeed and SimplyHired, though Shannon will insist, with some justification, that it’s not just another clone. Instead, if you notice similarities to Craigslist, that would please him.

“I’ve been a fan for many years,” says the founder and president of LatPro. “It’s simple.”

JustJobs isn’t as comprehensive as the other aggregators. It works with partners who provide direct feeds or who request that their jobs be scraped (captured) directly from their site. In either case the sites partner with JustJobs, which won’t unilaterally send automated programs online to search out and collect job listings.

“It’s all partner focused,” Shannon tells us. And it’s all free. The site will make money by participating in Google’s AdSense, an advertising program that pays site operators a small portion of the per-click fee it charges advertisers. AdSense revenue is beer and pizza money, unless the site has millions and millions of pageviews. Even then, the revenue is supplemental.

Shannon, though, isn’t in it for the money. “I’ve been looking for a way to provide more value for more people,” he says. This project, he says, is a way to build traffic for niche boards, while providing job seekers an easy way to find geographically focused jobs that are unlikely to show up on a major job board.

Like Craigslist (well, sort of like Craigslist), JustJobs lists several major cities and geographical regions. Click into one and the address becomes JobsinKansascity.org or IndependenceJobs.org. Each locale gets its own URL.

Other sites have taken the same approach. The Beyond.com network has 15,000 job sites including geographic and industry focused. While it can be a useful approach, the big question we had was: “Does the world really need another job search engine?”

Shannon is investing his own money in the project — a labor of love this year, he agreed, but one with business options, he says, when the economy rebounds, as it eventually will. “One of the advantages I have is my time horizon is 10 years, 15, maybe 20 years. I have time on my side,” he explains.

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Because he doesn’t have to satisfy investors, he can take his time to build traffic and the business. He did that with LatPro and later with DiversityJobs. Taking that approach with JustJobs, Shannon told us, “I expect that in five years we will be in the top five (of the aggregators); maybe three years.”

But with Indeed and SimplyHired doing a good enough job to have propelled themselves into the top ranks of job boards already, why launch another one?

“It’s a very philosophical question,” he mused, saying a simple answer wasn’t really possible. Monday morning Shannon emailed us to say the launch was a go for this morning, and to say he had thought about the question over the weekend.

“Thought more about your question ‘why does the world need another job search engine?’ and I think a good answer is that as long as the search engine results are cram(med) full of job search predators, my job is not finished!”

John Zappe is the editor of TLNT.com and a contributing editor of ERE.net. John was a newspaper reporter and editor until his geek gene lead him to launch his first website in 1994. He developed and managed online newspaper employment sites and sold advertising services to recruiters and employers. Before joining ERE Media in 2006, John was a senior consultant and analyst with Advanced Interactive Media and previously was Vice President of Digital Media for the Los Angeles Newspaper Group.

Besides writing for ERE, John consults with staffing firms and employment agencies, providing content and managing their social media programs. He also works with organizations and businesses to assist with audience development and marketing. In his spare time  he can be found hiking in the California mountains or competing in canine agility and obedience competitions.

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  1. All start-ups deserve a good luck wish. However….the new job engines are great for a job seeker but largely a pain in the you know what for employers. They tend to generate an onslaught of unqualified response. Why don’t we make it even easier for job seekers with a “apply to every job in your search results” button. Of course that would be ridiulous….but you get my point. The online recruitment industry vehicles are not that effective…..hence us smart recruiters continue to make $$$.

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